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Wiggly Worm 

This game was created over the theme "Breaking Point". 
You are competing against friends (or enemies), each of you controlling the individual bodyparts of a little WigglyWorm, happily crawling on the lawn looking for fallen apples. As you eat apples, your worm's body grows and it becomes increasingly complicated to move the whole worm. If you make mistakes, the bodypart you were supposed to move (by clicking the controllerbutton of the corresponding color) is stretched. If a bodypart is stretched in error three times, the worm breaks, and somebody else will win the game.
Last worm alive or first worm to eat 7 apples wins! :)



  • at least one XBOX controller, preferable more (up to four).
  • .NET Framework 4.6.1


Developed by 'Well Done Games'
- Lars Nysom (Graphics/SFX)  - Lars.Nysom@gmail.com
- Jesper Niedermann (Code) - Jesper@Niedermann.dk
- Jakob Farian Krarup (Code) - kr@rup.dk

...at the Nordic Game Jam 2018.

Developed using Monogame 3.6/Visual Studio/C#

Install instructions

Download, unzip and run the *.exe file.

To play the game you need XBOX 360 (possibly XBOX ONE) controllers. At least one, preferable more (up to four).


Wiggly Worm 1.3.zip 5 MB

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